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Elder Law Decisions

Unfortunately, many of the most important decision you can make about your future are not made until it is too late.  If you suffer a physical or mental disability without proper planning, then emotional distress, economic hardship and loss of control can become a reality.  Advanced Planning will enable you to control and protect your assets and preserve your dignity to the fullest extent possible.

Advanced Medical Directives, such as living wills and health care proxies, allow you to exercise control over medical decisions in the event you lack the capacity to make such decisions for yourself.  A health care proxy is someone who you appoint to make medical decisions for you when you cannot make such decisions yourself. Living Wills have been described as an ideal expression of one's wishes. They can be used should you not wish to appoint a proxy.

A Power of Attorney is a written instrument designating an agent to act on your behalf during incapacity.  It can ensure that bank accounts and other assets are available to family members or others in the event of an emergency.  The power can be drafted so that it is effective immediately, or so that it will "spring" into effect upon disability.

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